Federal Market Strategic Planning

Selling in the federal market without a strategic plan is like traveling without a map

A well-conceived strategic plan is your road map for success. It defines your niche in the federal market and allows you to align your products and services with government requirements. Approach the federal market without a sound strategy, and you place your business at a serious disadvantage that results in wasted resources, frustration, and high risk to your hopes for success.

Alaris Advisers are federal market experts. We team with you to develop a strategic plan that lays out practical steps to capture a greater market share.

Our advisers apply extensive business development experience and the latest market intelligence to help you:

  • Envision your end state – What are your goals in the federal market?
  • Determine where you stand now – Do you have a product or service ready for prime time?
  • Establish your guiding values and principles
  • Develop your market assumptions and test them
  • Identify your niche – Where will you sell in the federal marketplace?
  • Determine your product or service attributes – How do they serve your target buyers?
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis – What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats?
  • Spell out your capabilities, customer requirements, objectives, timelines, and performance measures
  • Create an action plan with specific steps on your timeline
  • Conduct performance management, including progress reviews, feedback systems, and corrective actions
  • Revise your strategic plan to adapt to market realities
Federal Market Strategic Planning