Capture Management

Successful capture means no surprises when it’s time to bid on government contracts

Capture management is a continuous process. It means you seek out opportunities and systematically engage prospective customers over time. You achieve customer intimacy to gain a full understanding of their requirements, buying habits, resources, and acquisition strategy. When a government customer issues a Request for Proposal (RFP), you have a well-developed knowledge of how to respond.

Alaris Advisers are highly skilled in capture planning and execution. We can help:

  • Leverage your strategic plan to identify your best federal customers
  • Seek out opportunities and plan how to address them
  • Build a timeline for customer engagement
  • Develop a systematic approach to gaining market intelligence
  • Recommend customer engagement content
  • Suggest appropriate venues for meeting potential customers
  • Establish the right metrics to measure progress
  • Position products and services as your customer’s preferred choice