“Fail to plan; plan to fail.”

This well-used business axiom got that way for a reason. Success is not a matter of luck, and the federal marketplace is no exception. Companies consistently win government contracts because they understand what they’re selling, who needs it, and how to get the word out to the people who do the buying.

The federal acquisition process can be lengthy. It often takes more than a year to win a contract. To put together a successful bid, a company must make fundamental business decisions right from the start:

  • Commit the time, resources, and effort necessary to win.
  • Follow through with discipline and resolve.

This applies to every firm–from large companies with government contract experience looking to expand their market footprint to small businesses seeking to break into the federal marketplace.

The staff at Alaris Advisers, LLC have a combined 100+ years of successful federal contracting experience. Alaris knows what it takes to help clients compete, win, and sustain growth in the government marketplace. They have distilled the knowledge and expertise that benefits their clients every day into the Four Pillars for federal market success: strategic planning, capture management, bid and proposal support, and federal market intelligence. These pillars are mutually supporting elements that together comprise a comprehensive approach to winning federal work.

Part 1 of this white paper lays out the Four Pillars and describes how they guide a company’s activity in the government marketplace. Part 2 offers tips on how to choose wisely when hiring outside consultants to help tackle the federal marketplace.

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