Alaris Advisers, LLC is a knowledge-based professional services company. We specialize in structuring, organizing, and leading knowledge-based services teams that develop and implement creative, executive-level solutions at the intersection of systems engineering, program management, and acquisition management. Our on- and off-site support teams have experience developing new and innovative approaches to ensure that department and agency operational, management, and business processes and products demonstrably improve organizational success.

For government purchasing and contracting organizations we offer an “RFP Red Force™” to help you attract the best solutions and suppliers. The Alaris RFP Red Force’s™ experienced business executives wargame your draft RFP from industry’s perspective. The RFP Red Force™ then provides you a commercial “bid, no bid” analysis, likely questions from bidders, and potential protest issues form a business standpoint.

Alaris Advisers also provides strategic planning, market intelligence, capture planning, and bid and proposal support to companies that do business with the federal government.
Alaris Advisers is a service-disabled, veteran-owned small business.

Alaris Advisers: veteran-owned, local, accountable – your ally in the federal market.